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On Two Feet and Wings: Assessment Criteria

Year 8 English Text. One boys amazing story of survival. A true account of the a part of the life of Abbas Kazerooni.


Look through the following assessment criteria carefully. The column on the far right describes a highly successful text response essay. These are the qualities to aspire to and the elements that you should strive to include.








Development of   argument

An unclear or   limited contention

A clear contention

A clear contention   with supporting ideas

A clear,   thoughtful and complex argument

A sophisticated   argument that is  logically developed


Elaboration of   ideas and paragraphing


Ideas are restated   simply and some evidence of paragraph construction

Effective   discussion of some points and some effective paragraphs

Paragraphs and   topic sentences are consistently effective

Logical and well-constructed   paragraphs with effective discussion of many points

Highly logical and   cohesive paragraphs with ideas that are thoughtfully discussed and elaborated   in detail

Use of evidence to   support ideas

Retelling, rather   than using evidence to support

Some points are   substantiated with references to the text

A series of   references to the text, including quotes, are used effectively


References to the   text, including quotes, are used consistently


A series of   quotations are used to substantiate points and are often embedded

Fluent expression

Some accurate uses   of sentence structure &/or spelling

Language is often   clear, although regular errors limit the meaning made

Language is clear,   expressive and largely accurate

Language is   complex and flows well

Language is   consistently used in a sophisticated and controlled manner

Effective use of   planning

Some paraphrasing   and some points identified

Restatement, ideas   and evidence included

A plan that opens   up the question and develops a thoughtful response

A plan that opens   up the question and develops a comprehensive and well supported response

A plan that   develops a sophisticated, well-supported response that considers the   implications of the question.