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On Two Feet and Wings: Key Ideas

Year 8 English Text. One boys amazing story of survival. A true account of the a part of the life of Abbas Kazerooni.

How do we measure success

Definition. The accomplishment of an aim or purpose:

Survival Skills /Adaptability

What skills does one need for survival?

The thought of being able to survive and make it on your own, is just that — a thought. In reality, it would be highly unlikely that you could succeed entirely on your own for very long. Okay, maybe the best could — but you get the idea. We will need support from others eventually. After all, this is how a civilization is built.

Having survival skills will enable you some peace-of-mind. Survival skills will also enable you to better adapt to situations without panicking and enable better decisions during times of crisis. Survival skills are a valuable commodity during times of disaster.

Having survival skills, although not necessary in our modern world of support systems, will shape you into a different person – one who is more self-reliant and who knows that he doesn’t necessarily need to rely upon all of our modern systems of infrastructure to survive.

Survival skills also include those that aren’t necessarily primitive. Having an open mind, a logical mind, a thinking mind, a mind with practical experiences – will better enable you to adapt. Adapting is probably the greatest survival skill of all. It’s a very general term (to adapt-adaptability-adapting), but the ability to do, to change, to make something beneficial with the resources that you currently have on hand – is a great asset.

Peer support

Peer support occurs when people provide knowledge, experience, emotional, social or practical help to each other.