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The Web of Life: Mammals/monotremes

Made to support the year 4 Web of Life integrated unit, by Mrs. Butler, the junior school teacher/librarian @ Caulfield Grammar, Wheelers Hill campus


Greater Glider Possum




Broad Toothed Rat

All about echidnas

An echidna being born

Greater Glider possum

Broad Toothed Rat


lots of information about this little Australian rat.

Common wombat

Ben Britton introduces us to the wombat. Learn about where and how they live nocturnally. Ben shows us the wombat's legs and nails which they use to make their burrows. Also hear about how wombats communicate by biting!

Northern Hairy Nosed wombat

 How many northern hairy-nosed wombats are left in the wild?

What does Dr Alan Horsup, the Queensland Parks and Wildlife officer, say is the biggest thing we can do to save the northern hairy nosed wombat?

What three reasons does the clip give for the dwindling of wombat numbers? Where and how large is this wombat's only remaining habitat?

What is an antechinus and what does it look like?

Facts about the Antechinus