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Indigenous Australians - year 4 : Languages

Multi-media resources to support the year 4 unit on integrated unit on Indigenous Australians, by Mrs. Butler, the junior school teacher/librarian @ Caulfield Grammar, Wheelers Hill campus.

Welcome to Country

Arrernte words

List of Aboriginal words and their meanings

Indigenous Language map

Aboriginal names of places and what they mean

ð       Kalgoorlie, WA                   …three tracks               

ð       Kingaroy, QLD                    …the red ant

ð       Geelong, VIC                       …a swampy plain            

ð       Dubbo, NSW                       …head covering

ð       Cabramatta, NSW              …home of cobra grub              

ð       Woolongong, NSW              …hard ground near water

ð       Booleroo, SA                        …plenty

ð       Ballarat, VIC                        …camping place

ð       Gympie, QLD                       …stinging trees

ð       Cowra, NSW                       …rocks

ð       Yarra, VIC                          …running water

ð       Canberra, ACT                    …meeting place

ð       Wagga Wagga, NSW          …many crows

ð       Illawarra, NSW                  …pleasant place by the sea

ð       Mildura, VIC                       …sore eyes

Have you visited any of these places? 

Australian Aboriginal words and their meanings