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Year 4 - First Fleet and convicts: What was it like when they arrived?

Made to support the year 4 First Contact integrated unit, by Mrs. Butler, the junior school teacher/librarian @ Caulfield Grammar, Wheelers Hill campus

The First Fleet arrives in the harbour

What Sydney looked like

What did the convicts see when they arrived?

In the 1780's there were no cameras, so the only way to make an image was to draw or paint it.

So the way we can tell what Sydney looked like to the people from the First Fleet, is by looking carefully at the paintings and drawings they made.

Click on a painting to go to a website with lots of scenes of early Sydney as well as drawings of the indigenous people living there at the time and strange animals and plants that we know, but look a bit odd because the artist was seeing them for the first time.

How much food or rations did each person get?

Books to help you