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Year 4 - First Fleet and convicts: All about Convicts

Made to support the year 4 First Contact integrated unit, by Mrs. Butler, the junior school teacher/librarian @ Caulfield Grammar, Wheelers Hill campus

Facts about convicts

Convicts poster

Timeline of convicts to Australia

What was it like to be a convict?

Browse convicts by surname or last name

Books to help you

Where did the convicts come from and how old were they?

A Convict Story

Lots of easy to understand information covering white contact with Indigenous people, the journey over from England, 'meet a convict' video interview, stories of convicts and what life was like for convicts living at the Hyde Park Barracks in Sydney.

Female convicts - click on the link below to read about their lives

Stories of individual convicts

Convict portraits

This is only photos of convict men. Why?

How many men compared to women were transported as convicts?