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Life and Faith "The Travels of J.Henry Davies": India

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In 1875, JHenry Davies favourite sister Sarah was recruited to go to Ellore, in
South India as a missionary. 

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Ellore India

J Henry Davies and sister

Davies and his mother Mary

Christmas Day 1928 Dummagudem

Mrs Sarah Cain nee Davies

Sarah Davies felt a strong call to be a Missionary. J Henry Davies followed and served as a Missionary from 1876-78.  Mrs Cain stayed in India her whole life, returning to Melbourne once for a visit. Key Dates 22 August 1855   Born Sarah Davies at Waitangi NZ.  One of 13 children, 3rd daughter and 4th child.    1865  The 1933 CMS Magazine reports that Sarah Cain felt from the early age of ten years old, that she wanted to be a missionary in India.

1875   When she was 20 years old, the late Canon F N Alexander went to her town in Australia and told of his work in Ellore, India. This made her all the more determined to work in India and if possible to return with the veteran missionary and help in his work. Receives commission on 14 October 1885 by the Rev. H. B Macartney at her dismissal and farewell meeting on the eve of departure. She was the First CMS Missionary, aged 20 years sent from Australia to India working first in Ellore in the Telegu section of the South India Mission. Sails with Canon F N Alexander and works with him for several years until she married Rev John Cain. 1880  Marries Rev. J Cain who was working at Dummagudem, a remote station in the Telugu country, where it was very easy to become ill with Malaria due to the climate. 1884   Mrs Cain starts a lace industry assisted by Miss Wallen, a devoted helper for 32 years. 1917  Rev John Cain dies. 1920  Mrs Cain remains an Honourary Missionary of the Society. The Mission station becomes connected to the Australian CMS who are now responsible for the Dummagudem Mission. 1934 Mrs Cain dies on 17 April 1934 in Dummagudem, South India aged 79 years. A Tribute written in The Church Missionary Society Magazine: “….For many years she did notable work for the good of the women and girls in Dummagudem and to her efforts for the spiritual welfare of those among whom she worked she added a practical application and attention to the social care of the women and girls, establishing schools and a dispensary and a lace-making industry which for long provided a means of livelihood for the very large number of workers engaged in it. Her efforts for good were recognized in circles other than those connected with missionary activities, Government conferring upon her the Kaiser –i-Medal (with bar) , and also the honour of M.B.E. while Indians and Europeans alike, whatever their  creed, held her in the greatest respect and esteem”. There is a plaque in the Anglican Church of St Mary’s Caulfield, that honors the missionary service of Sarah Cain and Joseph Henry Davies to India                                                     CGS Archives” February 2014