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J Henry Davies


                              The Travels of J. Henry Davies:

1.         Using the  Map on this site trace the travels of J. H. Davies in the following order:

            New Zealand.

            Melbourne – part A (early years).


            Melbourne – part B (Caulfield Grammar School).




            Melbourne – part C (departure for ‘the Corea’).

            Nagasaki, Japan.

            Seoul, Korea.

2.         As a class we will then be divided into groups of 2 to 4 members. We need to have 10 groups so that each location is covered.

3.         Over the next two lessons, each group will carefully read and research the information about its site eg. New Zealand. Then prepare a presentation using your IPAD eg. Movie maker, prezi (no Power Points) , Book Creator to share with the rest of the class with information about the following:

·         The dates linked to this site.

·         Mr. Davies and what happened at this point.

·         Using the document, explore any interesting issues it might discuss.

·         Information, including pictures, of the location at this time in its history.     

4.         We will have all of next and final lesson to complete the presentations (as well as the time left today)

Assessment for this task

Click on this link for assessment for this task.

Open this document in Goodreader.

Preparing Presentations

Click on this link

Open this document in Goodreader.

J.H.Davies Travel map 1859- 1892. interactive map can be found in sharepoint Humanities - 7 Religion "Spiritual Journey of J Henry Davies"

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