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Life and Faith "The Travels of J.Henry Davies": Nagasaki

Osuma Temple Japan

The Parents and Siblings of J Henry Davies (1856-1890)

Joseph Henry Davies was part of a very large family of 13 children.


His father Charles Davies, a solicitor, married Margaret Sandeman in Glasgow Scotland on 27th March, 1849. The family moved from England to New Zealand and in 1860 migrated to Australia. His father, Charles died at 3 Sydney Terrace, Wellington Parade, East Melbourne on 7th of Aug, 1869. Mrs Davies raised her children and relied on Joseph Henry who became the acting head of the House when aged 12. Mrs Davies died at Ellsinore, Kew, 23rd of March 1886.

Children: (Birth Order)
1. Charles Sandeman Davies was born in Ormand Street, Manchester 30th of May, 1850. He died at Cheltenham, Vic. 13th of Oct, 1926. His son, Ormsby R

 Davies entered CGS as Student No 269, aged 12, in 1889.


2. Margaret Davies was born in Princes Street Shrewsbury, 2nd of Nov.1851. She died at Upwey, Vic. 4th of Sept, 1932. She married Mr Tracey Knight in 1871 and they had 6 children. One son, Charles Tracey Knight (1884-1887 plus?) attended CGS as Student No 104, aged 8 in 1884.


3. Mary Tabor Davies was born at Waitangi, New Zealand, 28th of June, 1853. She died at East Malvern in 1941. Mary never married and helped care for the CGS Boarders, her mother and travelled to Korea in August 1889 with her brother, J Henry Davies. She returned to Australia.  


4. Sarah Davies was born at Waitangi NZ, 22nd August 1855. She went to India in 1875 as a missionary at Ellore, until she married the Rev John Cain, in 1880, and moved to the Dummagudem Mission Station. She remained in India all her life, out living her husband, and dying on April 17, 1934.


5. Joseph Henry Davies was born Waitangi, NZ on 22nd of August, 1856. Died in Korea, 5th of April, 1890 (aged 33). Founder of Caulfield Grammar School on 25 April 1881 and was the first Australian Missionary to Korea.

6. John George Davies was born Waitangi, NZ, 14th of July, 1858. He died at East Malvern, Vic, 18th Dec, 1934. John Davies became a Presbyterian minister marrying Annie Hastie at Buninyong on 21 Jan 1886. A daughter, Dr Jean
Davies, was one of the first female students to graduate from Melbourne University as a doctor. Both she and her sister, Margaret served in Korea, her sister Margaret, was a teacher.

7. Robert Davies was born Union Street, Auckland, 19th of Nov. 1859. Died at Petona, NZ, 15th of Nov. 1912.


8.James Macintyre Davies was born at 20 Bank Street West, Emerald Hill, Victoria on 23rd of April; 1861.He died in Brisbane, Queensland, 20th Nov. 1937.

9. Tabor Davies born at 58 Hanover Street Fitzroy, Vic. on 7th of September, 1862. He died at Clifton, Bristol, England, 28th of Feb, 1925. Tabor went to India to join his sister as a Missionary, leaving on 22 August 1887. He became Headmaster of a Boys school in Ellore in 1888. Tabor later moved to Edinburgh, England and worked as a teacher. He taught Elocution and married Margaret, date unknown.


10. William Dollin Davies was born at 27 Napier Street, Victoria, 2nd of March, 1864. He died 'on the road to Korumburra' on 2nd January, 1899.


11. Eliza Davies born at 37 Gertrude St, Fitzroy, on 15th of March 1865. She sadly died just a few months later as a baby, on Nov. 18, 1865.


12. Leslie Davies was born at Elsternwick, Vic, 26th of April, 1866. He attended CGS and worked in a Bank, later training as a medical doctor at Melbourne University. He married and had 2 children. He died at Bendigo, Dec.8th 1943.

13. Herbert Eamon Davies - born at 3 Sydney Terrace, Wellington Parade, East Melbourne on 10th of March, 1869. Died at Petone, Wellington, NZ, 19th of March, 1898. Herbert attended CGS as Student No 32 aged around 12 years on 25 April 1881 -  leaving Christmas 1883.

Students Presentation

J.H. Davies arrived at Nagasaki on 30th September 1889. It was a stop on the way to Korea.      

Click on this link to see Students Presentation

Diary after left Melbourne


Davies’ Korean Diary is published in the book

, "The 120th Anniversary of Australian Mission in Korea", published by The Christian Review, 2009. The original diary ‘J H Davies’ journal is held in the National Library of NSW.

J H Davies and his sister, Mary Davies left for Korea on 21 August 1889. Mary remained in Seoul and J H Davies began to travel to Pusan [Busan?].

This listing is compiled purely as a summary of some of the name places that he visited.

21 Aug 1889

Left Melbourne by the 4.55 express for Sydney

Aug 28

… Sails at last in SS Tsinan ….

Aug 30

.. Anchored in Brisbane River [ Un named visitor comes to boat – possibly his brother Leslie ?, need to confirm ]

Sep 2

…passing through Whitsunday passage….

Sep 3

We got to Townsville about 12.30 and left 9.30 this morning omg

Sep 7

Got in to Thursday Island about breakfast time and left again at 6.30 am..

Sep 10

Arrived at Port Darwin about 3pm. We went ashore….


Sep 12

Left Darwin at 10.30am…..

Sep 17

This morning we passed first Basilan and on our left, hills rising from the water covered with tropical vegetation, and then the W corner of the Mindanao………


Sep 21

… we had an unusually good run getting into Hong Kong about 7 am.

Sep 26

Started this morning to go up to the Yangtse…….

Sep 27

Decided to go via Nagasaki so transhipped luggage the Tokio Maree [ship]


Sep 30

Early in the morning came under shelter of the Japanese coast. Anchored before breakfast in Nagasaki harbour, A magnificent.. and lovely day

Oct 1

Went out on rickshaw to the Osuma Temple…. Went on Zsuruga Maree at 2pm. Found quite a missionary party on board…….etc

October 2

Arrived at Pusan quite early. Went over Japanese settlement. Sailed about 4pm

Oct 3

Coasted along Korean shores and islands in sight of land all day.


Oct 4

Arrived at Chemulpo at 11.00am. …Mr Jones of the Methodist Mission came on board to take charge of us.

Oct 5

Started on horseback for Seoul about 8am – and got in before 4.

Oct 6- 11 Nov

Seuol; - rents a house, makes visits, studies.

Nov 12

Holiday excursion to Nam Han with Dr Heron and Bro Ohlinger


Nov 17

Went to a village outside the walls….


Dec 31

Last day of 1889 and it is a lovely day

Jan 7

Had a most enjoyable walk woth our pro Consul Mr Hillier out to the N.W.gate. The weather is wonderfully mild.

Feb 5-6

Started on a short tour with Ohlinger. Walked 30 li to ? And slept there. Suwon – walled city

Feb 6

On to the city of Suwon, beautiful walled city (40 li)