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Religion & Society Year 10 - Ethics: Medical Ethics

Personal ethics - ethics and me, Global ethics, exploring ethics - exploration of ethical concepts and decision making, community/business ethics - the role ethics plays in the business world, medical ethics -issues, Oxford debate.

Research Task. 16%

Research one of the following Biomedical Ethical Issues during our final lesson before the Exam. Please note that the following question will appear on the End of Semester Examination Paper.


10.       Define and outline your position in relation to a (Medical) Ethical issue that you have researched. You may choose to discuss any ethical issue here, but the preference is that you focus on a Medical debate.

(Please note, this question is worth 16% of the marks for this examination. It should be allocated an appropriate amount of time.)                         (8 Marks)


Potential issues for consideration include:


            Genetic Engineering (of humans). is the alteration of an individual's genotype with the aim of choosing the phenotype of a newborn or changing the existing phenotype of a child or adult.[1].What if you could screen embryos for diseases before they became babies? What if you had the power to choose the traits your baby would have? Would you use it?   Gattica

            Therapeutic Cloning.

            Cloning – full human Cloning or Cloning of body parts.

            Stem Cell research.


            Euthanasia. A bitter end Clickview




            Religious attitudes to medical intervention.

            Cosmetic Surgery.

            In Vitro Fertilisation.

            Drugs in sport.

- please see your teacher for definitions of these issues.


Please see your teacher prior to researching an issue other than those suggested above.


Your preparation should include the following sections:


·                    definition / description of the issue.

·                    Argument(s) in favour (include names of people / groups).

·                    Argument(s) against (include names of people / groups).

·                    Potential Consequences of any changes that might occur.

·                    Your personal view or thoughts on the issue.


Please note that you will not be able to bring these resources with you into the Examination.