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Religion & Society Year 10 - Ethics: Community Business Ethics

Personal ethics - ethics and me, Global ethics, exploring ethics - exploration of ethical concepts and decision making, community/business ethics - the role ethics plays in the business world, medical ethics -issues, Oxford debate.

Business Ethics Introduction LA to fix

Research Task: Business Ethics.

The following research task choices will need to be done in class in preparation for the final examination at the end of Semester. Your final assessment for this unit will be questions which relate to your research. These will be part of the final semester examination.


Research in detail one of the following people on the internet and prepare 20 dot points under the 5 Criteria listed below, using appropriate sub-headings ….


Research in detail one of the following people on the internet and write a report (400 words) about the person you choose using the five criteria below about the person you have chosen.                        Or……..

Research in less detail (200 words for each), two of the following people, and write a comparison of the two you choose using the five criteria below about the people you have chosen.                                Or……..

Do a Power Point using the five criteria below about the person you have chosen.

These will need to be done as presentations to the class after the Semester Examination.


Possible People to Research….

Rupert Murdoch and Rebecca Brooks. What did they know about phone hacking?

Ricky Nixon: AFL talent scout, now in disgrace.

Richard Pratt – late billionaire businessman and football identity. "The Confessions of a multi-billionaire"

Martha Stewart: American business woman and T.V. host.. Celebrity homemaker Martha Stewart has been sentenced to five months in prison
and fined $30,000 for lying to investigators

Stephen Dank. is an Australian biochemist who worked as a sports scientist with National Rugby League clubs such as the Manly Sea Eagles and Australian rules football clubs such as Essendon.

Steve Vizard – former T.V. and business personality.

Alan Bond sponsor for Australian winner of America’s Cup.

Christopher Skase. – Former owner of Channel Seven.

Paul Wolfowitz - World Bank President

Rolf Harris

Roman Polanski


The 5 Criteria…..

In your report or power point you must include the following…..


  1. A short history or      profile about the person
  2. Details of what the person      was accused of.
  3. Who benefited or lost      through their action
  4. What do you think      motivated them?
  5. What should have been the      penalty for their actions and why.

Principles of Professional Ethics

Individuals acting in a professional capacity take on an additional burden of ethical responsibility. For example, professional associations have codes of ethics that prescribe required behavior within the context of a professional practice such as medicine, law, accounting, or engineering. These written codes provide rules of conduct and standards of behavior based on the principles of Professional Ethics, which include:

Impartiality; objectivity
Openness; full disclosure
Due diligence / duty of care
Fidelity to professional responsibilities
Avoiding potential or apparent conflict of interest

Even when not written into a code, principles of professional ethics are usually expected of people in business, employees, volunteers, elected representatives and so on.

Ethical Leadership

Ethics are the principles, values and beliefs that define what is right and what is wrong behavior. Ethical challenges arise at all levels of leadership and in all types of organizations -- for-profit, nonprofit, government -- and involve a complex relationship between individual character and cultural influences. The Ethical Leadership webinar will explore what this means; and how the relationship between individual character and cultural influences plays out in the daily interactions in organizations.