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Exodus for Gold : Miners and Mining

Multi-media resources to support the year 5 unit on integrated unit on Gold, by Mrs. Butler, the junior school teacher/librarian @ Caulfield Grammar, Wheelers Hill campus.

prospecting methods

gold panning at Sovereign Hill

gold mining methods explained

a miner predicts the devastation mining will bring to the environment

images of miners



advertisement from the Geelong Advertiser

Geelong Advertiser 29 December 1851, 1/5:

Persons proceeding to the


CAN be supplied with every requisite at the Undersigned, on very moderate terms.

Real Gold picks

Do do shovels



Camp ovens, on a new principle

Tea kettles

Tin dippers,

dishes, &c. Japan’d drinking mugs

Cups and saucers,

patent tin Frying pans

Knives and forks, spoons, &c.

Pistols, carbines, &c. Powder, shot, flints, caps, &c.

Cross-cut saws and files

AND Every article required for a comfortable Outfit.

A.R. REED & Co., Moorabool-street.

how to pan for gold

early mining methods

dredging machine at work


Can you work out how the dredging machine mines the gold? When were machines used to mine for gold and why?

what is the horse doing and why?


miner's license for 1 month

images of mining