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Secrets in the Fire: "Small Targets" Documentary

Yr 8 English Text. At the heart of this book is the horror that so many have faced because of the millions of landmines that have been placed around the world. The book is set in Mozambique and is based upon the true story of Sophia Alface

Small Targets Preview

As Mozambique emerges from a past filled with civil war, the threat of landmines indefinitely remains. Amidst a country where a variety of devastating economic and health concerns take top priority, de-mining programs are generally unfunded and minimal.

Small Targets: Children and Landmines in Mozambique explores this issue and how it directly effects the most innocent of citizens: the children. In Mozambique alone, there are an estimated ten people killed or injured by landmines each week, and many of the victims are children. As landmines are undetectable without proper equipment and training, the risk of detonation is constant and inescapable.

The film features interviews with those directly affected by landmines, including a visit to amputee rehabilitation centers and to schools. There is also a brief overview of the different types of mines that remain in the fields of Mozambique and how each kind works. While Small Targets features a view specific to Mozambique, commentary from individuals throughout the world prove that this alarming issue continues to effect many helpless civilians across the globe.