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The Shroud of Turin: Websites

We will examine the question. Is the Shroud of Turin a real linen cloth that bears the image of the crucified Jesus or is it a medieval artifact?

The Defence .. Will argue the Shroud of Turin is a real linen cloth that bears the image of the crucified Jesus

The Skeptic's Dictionary. Will say its a fake

The Skeptic's Dictionary

All sides of the issue


County court


Education Project - awareness of this artifact.  Is it a fraud or proof of powerful forces

Information/photos of Shroud

Turin Shroud

What is the shroud?

The Shroud of Turin is a piece of linen cloth 1.1 meters wide and 4.36 meters long (approximately 43 inches by 14.3 feet). The linen was "spun with a Z twist, and woven in a three to one (herringbone) twill." 3 It bears the negative image of the front and back of a naked man with beard, long hair and a mustache, bearing wounds on his body, most of which are consistent with having been flogged and crucified. Many devout Christians believe that this shroud was the actual fabric used to wrap Jesus after his crucifixion circa 30 CE.

Most investigators assume that there are only two possible explanations about the nature of the Shroud:

bullet That it is the actual burial shroud of Jesus, having survived from the 1st century CE, or
bullet That it is a forgery, intended to deceive the faithful.