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Official film of Berlin Wall Memorial

The Berlin Wall Memorial along Bernauer Strasse is a place where traces of the former border strip have been preserved and victims are given the respect they deserve. Here history can be experienced and dictatorship confronted, sending out a strong message of courage and hope to the world.

What was the Berlin Wall?


Berlin Wall, former barrier
surrounding West Berlin
and symbol of the Cold War,
built on August 13, 1961

President Kennedy's Speech

President Reagans speech to the Russians

In one of his most famous Cold War speeches, U.S. President Ronald Reagan challenged Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev on June 12, 1987, to tear down the Berlin Wall.


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Map Berlin Wall

The Task


Part A: Factual Information

 TASK:  Design a mini Berlin booklet.  Make the presentation attractive.  You may present some of your information using dot points if you wish.  Sketch a section of the Berlin Wall if you are artistic or print out an image for your booklet. Don’t forget to include a bibliography click Online Reference Generator ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS IN ENGLISH. Click here and use the e-notetaking worksheet.


(a)   Provide three facts about the building of the Berlin Wall and explain why you find each of them amazing. 

(b)   Write a paragraph describing a method of escape from East Germany which most impressed you and give a reason for your choice. 

(c)   List three other methods people used to escape from East Germany. 

(d)   Provide a map showing how Berlin was divided into the four sectors. 

(e)   Find out when President Kennedy delivered his famous speech to the Berlin people and what he said. Explain the double meaning in his line.

(f)   Find out what President Reagan’s famous words were to the Russian leader Gorbachev in Berlin on 12th June, 1987. What was his plea?

(g)   Provide three facts about the fall of the Berlin Wall and explain why each is of interest.

(h)   Draw and label a diagram of the Wall. Include height, length, width, anything else of interest.

(i)    Provide three facts about the consequences of the Wall on the people of Berlin (including both East and West Berlin).



Part B: Imaginative Responses

Choose two of the tasks below and write an imaginative response of 200-250 words in English for each one. Think carefully about suitable presentation for your chosen options.

1.          You are the Berlin Wall.  Describe what you have seen and heard over your lifetime. 

2.         You are a graffiti artist in 1981.  What message would you spray on the Wall and why?

3.         It is the year 1978 and you are one of the characters from the film Night Crossing. Create a blog of your

       experiences leading up to your escape from East Germany. 

4.         The Berlin Wall has recently been built and your parents are scheming to escape to West Berlin with you and your siblings.  Would you try to stop them or would you help them?  Why and how would you do this? 

5.         Make a model of a section of the Berlin Wall. Provide an explanation of how and when the Wall was built, the materials used and the measures put in place to stop people escaping. (100 words only + model) 

6.         Design your own task in consultation with your teacher. You may decide to use Moviemaker or Photo-story to present your work. Alternatively, you may do an oral presentation to the class.


Fall of the Berlin Wall 25 years on.

Fall of the Berlin Wall: 25 years on

November 9, 2014, marked the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, when East Germany met West Germany and citizens were allowed to cross the border freely for the first time in 28 years.

Families and friends were reunited and one journalist described the celebrations as "the greatest street party in the history of the world."

Here Victorian News Presenter Ian Henderson recalls covering this historic moment.

Fall of the Berlin Wall

Unable to halt the headlong exodus of its population through ‘third states’, the East German regime concedes its citizens the right to leave. The Berlin Wall is effectively history. ­In the coming days, East Berliners destroy it with their own hands.


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Night Crossing -Film

Night Crossing is a 1982 Disney film starring John Hurt and Beau Bridges. The film is based on the true story of the Strelzyk and Wetzel families, who on September 16, 1979 escaped from East Germany.


Checkpoint Charlie