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Battle of Hastings Bayeux Tapestry: Websites

Life of William the Conqueror, Harold King of England, the Bayeux Tapestry and Battle of Hastings 1066


The Middle Ages was the roughly 1,000-year span between the fall of the Roman Empire and the beginning of the Renaissance in Europe.  Although the era of the Middle Ages is often portrayed as intellectually and artistically stagnant, this was not entirely the case. Agriculture and Gothic architecture flourished, as did the Catholic Church, which wielded tremendous power throughout Europe.

Mr Donn's Medieval Europe

Norman Rule after 1066

The effect the invasion had on the English people after the Battle of Hastings. How the Saxon way of life changed under William. New rules and regulations upheld with an iron fist.


Medieval Gastronomy

Medieval Gastronomy

Medieval Realms

Medieval realms

Medieval Realms from the British Library. In this web resource you will be able to examine evidence in a number of medieval illuminated manuscripts, finding out more about the social history of the period.