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Battle of Hastings Bayeux Tapestry: Home

Life of William the Conqueror, Harold King of England, the Bayeux Tapestry and Battle of Hastings 1066

William the Conqueror

William was duke of Normandy and, as William I, the first Norman king of England. He defeated and killed the last Anglo-Saxon king of England at the Battle of Hastings.

Re-enactment of Battle of Hastings

Battle of Hastings

Harold as depicted on the Bayeux Tapetry

How to create your page.

Bayeux Tapestry: scene by scene

What does the Bayeux Tapestry tell us about William? Discuss this with a partner.

Here you can read the tale told by the Bayeux Tapestry -
The story of William the Conqueror and Harold, Earl of Wessex, the men who led the Norman and Saxon armies in 1066. William's defeat of Harold at the Battle of Hastings ensured the success of the Norman invasion of England.

William of Normandy

William of Normandy


Use this refernce generator to make your biliography easy to do.

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William The Conqueror (Documentary)




The Assignment

Battle of Hastings Assessment Task – 20%

Newspaper report

You are a reporter in 1080ce.(14 years after the Battle of Hastings) Either reporting about the Normans and Duke William or a reporter writing about the Saxons and King Harold 1. 


You need to include the answers to these 3 questions. These questions will be your headings

1. Do you think William was justified in fighting this battle?

2. Did the Norman Conquest change people's lives completely?

3. "Many historians believe the Bayeux Tapestry to be biased towards the Norman Perspective." To what extent do you believe the tapestry to be a realiable source? Give evidence to support your reasons.


You are only to use the resources found on the Websites page in this libguide.

Use an A4 document divided into 3 columns:

include a masthead, date, at least 1 image, appropriate headings , use old English font, add your name. Include 1 x reference/citation.    When complete soak in coffee and burn around the edges.

Your report

This needs to be written using your own words,  use some of the ideas below to help you write your article. 

  •                Background to the Battle. Why did William want to conquer Harold?  
  •         Description of tactics. Did this affect results?
  • Location of Saxons and Normans and how that affected the battle result
  •   Senlac Hill - its significance    
  •  How the two sides line up ( number of soldiers, previous battles, shield wall, weapons used -battle axes, crossbows)
  • What happened as the day wore on?

  •    Description of violence of the fighting 
  • Important events – death of Harold 1, Norman victory, outcomes of victory.

Bibliography. Need to include 1 x correct citation. see Referencing Generator

General Capabilities: Need to demonstrate

  • Personal & Social:      Develop self-discipline and set goals, develop reflective practice
  • Critical and Creative thinking:   Organise and process information
  • Literacy:      Interpret and analyse learning area texts.


1.   Engaging headline and neat, creative presentation.                                                                    4 marks                                                                           

2.   Adequate and accurate coverage of how, what , where, why, when information.   Answereing the 3 questions. 8 marks

3.   Appropriate Photo, map or diagram                                                                                              3 marks  

4.  Structure:                                                                                                                                          3 marks

      a.     appropriate paragraphing

      b.     sentence construction 

      c.      written in students own words 

5. Bibliography:                                                                                                                                    2 marks          

5.     Submitted late -  minus two marks 

O Book Task

Analyse the Bayeux Tapestry 

Historical Skills

Identify and describe points of view, attitudes, and values in primary and secondary sources.

P 24 Activity 3.1



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Check out the documentary.

" Battle Field Detectives -Who got lucky at Hastings". In 1066 the Normans defeated the Anglo Saxons in the Battle of Hastings but just how did it happen?

Penalty shootout Game

Britannica Image Quest

Example of image

Harold and Edward

Good Books

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