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From Rome's beginnings in the 8th century BC to the collapse of the Roman Empire in the 5th century AD.

Aim of the Big Research Assignment - Ancient Rome

Aim of the Big Research Assignment

Social life in Ancient Rome was active and varied. This assignment involves researching one aspect of the everyday life of people in the Ancient Roman world. This assignment gives you many choices of topics and presentation methods, so make sure you choose something that interests you and think about how you can present your research in an engaging way. The aim is to research and produce an assignment of which you are proud.

Books available in the Library

The Library has a range of books available about Ancient Rome. Look on the shelf in non-fiction at 937. Remember to check the contents page as well as the index in the books to help find information on your topic. Think about key words and synonyms related to your topic. If you need help, please see the library staff.

Library links.

Online Reference Generator

Use the Senior level of the  Online Reference Generator to create bibliographic references in the correct format.  If you are using the Online Generator from home you will need the password. Make sure you know the password before you leave the library today; ask your teacher or the teacher librarian!  

When completing assignments or essays in history you will be expected to refer in your writing to to the resources you have used. The style you use for this is set out in    "Documentation of Sources:a guide for secondary students". A copy  of this document is available here.